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5 Reasons Candles Should Be Added To Your Self-Care Routine ASAP.

5 Reasons Candles Should Be Added To Your Self-Care Routine ASAP.

Q: What is self-care?

Is it your morning coffee?

Is it a bath on a Friday night?

Is it going to get a massage?

Is it your morning prayers?

Is it taking time to reflect, or write in a journal?

SPOILER: There is no one size fits all when it comes to self-care.


We all have different needs, wants, and desires. We process information differently and view the world based on our own individual perspective. And because of this, self-care is unique for each person.

Self-care is loving yourself and taking the necessary time you need for yourself.
By caring for ourselves, we are ultimately able to love others better. And isn't that the ultimate goal?
We think so. We believe in love. Loving ourselves. Loving others. Spreading love. Always.
With that being said, we wanted to tell you that we love you!
You are beautiful.
You are enough.
We believe in you.
Before I keep rambling on, here are the five reasons why you should add candles into your self-care routine:
1. Candles are known for their soothing and healing properties.

Why do you think candles are typically lit whenever you go for a facial or a massage? The act of lighting a candle, the flicker, and the glow all help to ease and soothe the mind.

I'm going to take a guess that whenever you take a bath, you grab a book (or glass of wine), and light a candle right? If the answer is no, then you definitely need to try it. Bath Goals x1000.

Anyway, the ambient lighting helps to soothe, and the scent helps to encourage relaxation by releasing calming aromas. Instant mood booster.


2. Candles can help you remember positive memories

Did you know smell is said to be the strongest of all five senses? Did you ever smell something and instantly a rush of memories flew through your head?

Or, maybe you've smelled something and just felt really happy and you weren't sure why?

Memories are constantly triggered by scents and can provide a feeling of happiness. Even if you're not really sure what memory the scent relates to, your brain still does and all the emotions come flooding back. Kinda cool right?
Yay candles!
3. Candles can create a night of more restful sleep.

We live in a world of technology and social media addiction. Seriously, it's true. If you don't believe me, have you watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix yet?

Anyway, being on your phone/technology at night (which most of us probably do), can really hinder your sleep patterns. The screen can actually make you less tired and restless.

Probably not that much of a shocker.

Instead, opt for lighting your favorite candle. Right now, my go-to is Fireside + Vanilla. It's the perfect cozy scent to light before bed.

It calms me down and really gives me all the comfy feels while reading my book. I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

4. Candles can help to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Confession: I have A LOT of anxiety. Runs in the family I suppose (because it seems we all do).

Burning certain scents can help to calm anxiety and can also help to ease racing thoughts. For example, apple scented candles (like our Apple Orchard candle) are said to reduce anxiety.

So for me, candles are a small thing that I look forward to after a stressful day.


5. Candles can improve your morning routine.

If you start your day off on a good note, this sets the precedence for how the rest of your day will most likely go.

Focusing on starting your day in a way that inspires you is the first step. Candles are just the added bonus that can amplify that already great routine you have going on!

Try lighting a candle during your morning routine. Whether that's reading the bible or saying a prayer. Writing in a journal. Meditating. Or, just having a cup of coffee.

Whatever morning routine is uniquely YOU, add a candle for an extra boost. 



Country Moon.

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